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    Energy Solutions to Reduce the 3C's


    With an ongoing cost of living crisis and everyone focussed on reducing their costs whilst looking at being more sustainable, KJD Utilities are here to help you.


    Reducing the 3C's - Consumption, Carbon & Costs is vital now to ensure a business' survival and to manage the utility costs.


    To arrange a review of your utilities call 07703482912 or use the contact details below.


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  • Energy Claims

    You could be entitled to compensation from being overcharged or having not been made aware of hidden charges.


    Our clients are receiving compensation from the energy companies - to find out if you can claim, arrange an appointment today.

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    Claims Review

    Our clients receive a review of previous energy contracts to check for accuracy, hidden charges, correct KVA and consumption details along with other factors to be taken into consideration.

  • What We Do

    Solutions to Reduce Your Consumption, Carbon and Costs

    We conduct a survey to establish which solutions are suitable as each business has different energy usage and requirements.


    Below are the 3 main solutions our clients benefit from:

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    Heating Solutions

    Reduce your carbon footprint and usage by 30%+ with our ground breaking technology on all your heating systems without requiring new equipment or change of systems.

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    Our expert installers provide solar solutions to suit your requirements. Arrange a survey to find out what your best option is.

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    Voltage Optimisation

    VO helps to control the incoming voltage and can reduce unnecessary usage which in turn reduces consumption and carbon footprint.

  • Commercial Utilities

    We've got a top notch team!

    Commercial Energy

    You Choose the Best Value Rates

    A fantastic team of energy experts who have over 25 years of experience who all work hard to get the best deals available to our clients.


    Giving clear and transparent rates that can be locked in up to a year in advance.


    Contact directly to find out what business savings your business can make.

    Commercial Water

    Best Value Rates in Scotland & UK

    Commercial water rates are confusing for most businesses.


    Many Scottish businesses are paying higher rates based on their wastage and rateable value.


    To find out what rate you should be paying and how big a discount, an appointment can be arranged and changes organised very quickly.

  • Save At Home

    Reduce your energy, broadband, mobile and Insurance costs with us today.

    All Your Services on 1 Monthly Bill

    Save a bundle by bundling all your services onto 1 monthly bill.

    Have your bills paid from your monthly shopping

    Ask us how?

    £50 for each customer you refer!

  • 93% of our customers recommend us

    With Guaranteed Savings, make sure you benefit now and forever.

    Contact us now for a No Obligation review

    1000's of UK customers

    Happy Customers continue to refer more friends and family to us.

    Partnered with established and recommended suppliers only.

    Everyone Saves!

    A unique offer that promises that everyone (YES EVERYONE) saves when they install energy solutions with us.

  • Earn an additional income through referring your contacts.

    Commission is paid on solutions that are carried out for your clients.


    Full Time/Part Time

    or just time to time


    Work when you want

    There's no stock to carry, no targets to meet, no set hours - you just talk to people about saving energy and reducing the 3 C's

    Growing Monthly Income

    You can be successful, regardless of your gender, race, age, experience or level of education. It is genuinely open to all.

    Find out more about being a Partner.

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    Who is Keith Docherty?

    Former hotelier who moved into the energy industry due to a desire to help others manage their costs and understand the complex systems involved.


    Merging his skills, experience, training and consulting that he has developed over the years you can now benefit through KJD Utilities.


    With customer service and helping others at the forefront of everything Keith does, he saw an opportunity in the Utilities market to help people at home and in business with greater service.


    Keith quickly learned the complex commercial industry and now partners with trusted and reliable suppliers to ensure clients receive the best value and service.



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